When businesses need superior software solutions, they call QXD.

At QXD, we are motivated by a single goal: to help our clients do what they do better. That is why we are relentless in our search for powerful applications that acts as catalysts for growth and innovation, and why our development process always begins with the end result. Outfitted with our custom-made software solutions, our clients have the ability to make healthcare smarter, homes safer, employees better informed, and to update old products for a modern marketplace.

Despite differences in geography, industry, size, and situation, our clients have one thing in common: the need for better software solutions. At QXD we take a boutique agency approach to software development, which means that every client is outfitted with a custom-made application built to ensure satisfaction and success.

In today’s business arena, quality software is no longer a luxury,
it is a competitive necessity.

Our Software Services Clients

QXD clients come from a broad range of industries including retail, finance, online media, social media, legal, education, and insurance industries. They range from start-ups, growth-stage product firms, matured product firms, SaaS firms, e-business firms, and enterprise IT organizations. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of clients create several hundred software applications to solve problems, streamlines processes, and satisfy end users.

As a boutique offshore software development company, we have the flexibility to work one-on-one with every client to understand their big picture goals, respect their budget, and deliver results. We ensure all of our clients receive the full value of their technology investment, which is why we provide on-going support services so that as your business evolves, your software stays up-to-date.

Tailor-made Software Solutions fit for any Industry

The software world is in constant flux, which is why our offshore software development company combines strategic consulting, technical confidence, and domain expertise with a commitment to custom-made solutions that perfectly each client’s unique situation. Our team is able to serve such a broad array of clients and crossover industry barriers because we take the time to explore your business, understand your goal outcomes, and create the best possible solution.

Unlike other offshore software development company, we take pride and ownership of every project we touch, and view ourselves as problem solving partners fighting for your success. Whatever the challenge, we encourage our clients to trust in our expertise and to always allow for new and better solutions to develop in our think tank of talent.

Want to learn more about our track record of success? Explore our collection of case studies and let the results speak for themselves.