QXD is a full-service web and mobile development company that delivers hardcore software solutions.

Meet the QXD Team

When it comes to software development, small teams beat out the big boys almost every time. Why? because every project that passes through a boutique software firm is crafted by a tight-knit team of experts, collectively coding the ideal solution to every client’s unique challenge. That’s the owner of perfect collaboration, and that’s what we provide at QXD.

QXD offers a wide range of services, including web and mobile software development, custom app development, implementation, product support, and consulting. Unlike other software development firms, we seek to provide complete software development services over the extended lifecycle of tour project. That means we’ll manage everything from business analysis and project management to architectural and modular design.

Great Coding. Great Company

The QXD team began developing client-centric software back in 2007 and have since expanded to include a multi-disciplined team consisting of experts in their chosen field: including web designers, developers, and technical consultant. Together we help clients develop long strategist for the implementation, support and success of their projects.

“We work tirelessly to exceed our client’s expectations by delivering quality design coupled with quality engineering.”

A Note on Outsourcing:

Our Software Development firm is located in Costa Rica, which enables us to provide the highest quality near-shore outsourcing services that can be applied to projects of every shape and size. Costa Rica is the fourth largest exporter of technology worldwide and is home to highly skilled and bilingual professionals, as well as an excellent business climate and political stability, all of which have allowed the outsourcing industry to flourish in the past 25 years.

Choose Open Source Software

Our commitment to crafting long-term, high quality software solutions, tends to mean that we favor open source software as it allows out clients great quality, flexibility, transparency, scalability, and reliability over the lifecycle of their business. Open source platforms are also generally free to use with basic licensing requirements.

Hardcore Software Solutions You can Trust

Our clients range from small star-up firms to big name businesses from all over the world. When it comes to finding software developer, there’s no need to “roll the dice”, simply take a look at out proven track record and let out past clients tell you their own success stories.