services included:


Client: Artisan Hardware
Year: 2017



The Challenge

1. The client needed an option to send emails to users who subscribe to the news. And they needed to create specific lists for it.
2. Creation and update of new products.
3. Update the current design in different pages such as: the main page, page of category, page. of product.
4. Create / implement a form to obtain information from customers to create deliveries or customized products tailored to the customer.
5. Improve the loading time of the site.
6. Show opinions (reviews) or tell the experiences of users who have previously placed orders on the site.
7. Optimize the design of the product page, so that in this way the user will be easier to select the options of a product, this because they are dynamic options.
8. Separate the processes of the Back end and the Frontend to prevent an overload in the server. And better performance of them.
9. Maintenance of the site.

Client’s requirements were creating new products and updating the existing ones, updating and improving the design, sending emails to subscribers, improving the site speed and performance and the site maintenance.



The Results

1. Implementation of a pop up and installation of a plug in that allows the connection with MailChimp.
2. Products were created according to the customer’s requirements.
3. The design of the site was updated.
4. A static page was created with the form, the functionality was implemented to send the information collected from the form by mail to the client.
5. The loading time of the site in the main pages, category, product and static pages was improved.
6. The opinions of the users in different blocks are shown through the site.
7. The design was improved according to the requirements and extra validations and a pop up were added showing the steps that have not been selected.
8. A better performance in the processes were achieved, improving the loading time, allowing more integrations without affecting the performance on both sides.

The Solution

1. Install a plug-in that would allow the connection of Magento with MailChimp (MailChimp is a marketing automation platform and an email marketing service and a trading name of its operator) so that in this way the emails that subscribed to the news are used (Newsletter) in advertising campaigns, send news, etc. The installation and configuration of the plug in was performed. In addition, a pop up was built and the functionality was adjusted to add these emails to the MailChimp list.
2. Create products according to the needs / requirements of the client.
3. Update the design of some pages as the main, category and product (home page, category page and product page).
4. Create a form that allows collecting user information, so that the client can contact the user and be able to implement or develop a product even more customized, according to the needs of the user. In addition, send this in- formation by mail to the customer.
5. Install a plug in cache for the site, this way you can reduce the load time because some main blocks have been cached, also some files such as style sheets, js files, html, images, etc. .
6. Added Trustpilot scripts that are responsible for showing users’ reviews.
7. Make a series of changes that allow the user to better visualize the options that can be selected in each product and display error mes- sages with options that are mandatory and that have not been selected in order to add the product to the cart.
8. Separate the Back End from the Front End, in different instances, so that each one can solve the processes or integrations. (This in order to prevent integrations and processes with other services does not affect the performance in the Front End)

Magento was connected with Mailchimp, new products were created based on client’s requirements and the design and interaction was improved and updated in different sections. A form was created to collect clients’ data and Backend and Frontend processes were divided.