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Client: AVI-ON
Industry: Retail

Mission: ecommerce

Learn about how we crafted a mobile-friendly ecommerce site fully integrated with Magento as well as a local shipping service.

AVI-ON: E-Commerce

Improving an e-commerce site’s responsive design and integrating all aspects of the sales process.

AVI-On offers smart lighting made easy and provide affordable solutions for every room in your home, a quick setup, and an easy-to-use app in an effort to provide the first truly user-friendly smart lighting experience. When they needed to make sure their shopping experience was mobile friendly and fully integrated with their shipping provider, they came to the QXD developers for a solution.


The Challenge

With a truly innovative product and a rapidly growing client base, AVI-On approached the QXD team for support in migrating their WordPress website to a fully mobile-friendly site backed by the ecommerce Magento application.

Having already researched their marketplace, they had a clear idea of what it would take to bring their brand up to the next level. Their requirements included:

– A custom-made Magento store with a fully responsive design
– A blog based in WordPress and integrated with the ecommerce site
– Integration with Jasco, which would manage all shipping services


The Results

The new, fully responsive ecommerce site is now backed by Magento, able to connect with a shipping provider, and even links out to the brand’s company blog. The new site has allowed AVI-On to expand its operations and clientele by simplifying their ecommerce processes on the backend.

The Solution

In order to rebuild AVI-On’s online shopping platform, our developers and designers worked closely with the client to make key decisions regarding site architecture, layout, conversion funnel, and design. Once these key components were solidified, the QXD team went to work building the frond-end framework of the site. Overall site style and appearance were maintained in alignment with the AVI-On brand in an effort to maintain a semblance of continuity between websites while at the same time incorporating mobile-friendly features that would make the shopping experience accessible to consumers from their favorite smart devices. The new site now wielded the full power of the Magento ecommerce application and also linked to a WordPress-hosted blog, per the client’s request.

The final piece of the AVI-On puzzle involved integrating with Jasco shipping services. In order to accomplish that task, a custom module was created that would communicate directly with Jasco Warehouse Solutions. As a result, orders were processed by the ecommerce site and when the purchase was ready for shipping the request would be processed by the Jasco functionality, which would then update the tracking information in Magento.