services included:



Client: Caddis
Industry: Sales

Mission: E-commerce


Caddis is a glasses brand looking for finalizing its e-commerce site. They were looking to improve site’s and loading speed and change the shopping workflow, in order to offer a better shopping experience and encourage sales. They also wanted a responsive design, interaction with Instagram and creating subscription lists.


The Challenge

Caddis is a new brand of corrective glasses that sought to finalize an e-commerce project already started, but for various reasons those in charge of it abandoned it. Caddis sought the help of the QXD team to complete this project. Among the needs were the following:

1. Improve loading time and site speed.
2. Work on the design and style of the most important pages of the site (homepage, cart, product, checkout, my account).
3. It was necessary to change the flow of purchase to go directly to the checkout and in that way encourage purchases.
4. Modification of the normal checkout flow allowing you to log in through a pop up.
5. Make sure the site is responsive.
6. Style and designs for blog pages.
7. Integration with instagram.
8. Create subscription lists to send emails.



The Results

Thanks to the implementations made, Caddis now has an e-commerce site 100% functional, scalable, fully responsive with all the basic features of e-commerce, allowing customers to enjoy an experience simple, quick and efficient purchase. In addition to a blog within the site, where they can show any information they want through the unlimited creation of content.


The Solution

We started with changes on the site interface, installed some plugins and added functionalities, so the customer could interact in a better way with the products. We also rearranged the checkout, register, login and payment processes so they’re easier to use.

The first thing was to replace some plugins that were used to show the sliders on the site.
First we worked on the styles of the homepage and the positioning of the sections, then the product page was customized to allow the client to select the necessary variations for his glasses. A configuration was created to avoid that the client will go through the cart page and go directly to the checkout.

For the checkout, the functionality of the cart was added in the first step (update, entry of discount codes or giftcards). A functionality was created to allow the client to log in, create an account or continue with the process as a guest. The step of reviewing the order was also combined with the functionality to select shipping methods, all using ajax. The configuration of the payment methods was also made and a special section was created to show the totals of the order.

Modifications were made to the pages of my account, in order to modify the way in which the information is displayed and make it more accessible to the client. In addition, all the account configuration pages were combined into a single page divided into tabs in order to create a more user-friendly and simple interface.

We worked on the style and design of category pages, posts, and portfolios (standard wordpress pages).

Several plugins were implemented to meet customer needs such as: integrations with instagram, creation of subscriber lists to carry out marketing campaigns.

In terms of site optimization, a cache plugin was installed, the images used in the site were optimized, all style sheets and javascript files were minimized, following all the recommendations provided by google pageSpped tools.