Custom Software Development

Solving every day stresses by building the finest tools technology.

Off-the-shelf software and one-size-fits-all solutions have a remarkable way of missing the mark when it comes to solving and simplifying daily tasks. That is why custom software development is the only anecdote for long-term relief and large-scale benefits, and that’s exactly what we provide at QXD.

Some developers write code.
We crack it
to unburden your business & satisfy your customers.

As a boutique custom software development firm, we offer a broad range of custom software development services, and can assist in any stage of the software development life cycle: including conceptualization, business analysis, prototyping, development, testing, and implementation. QXD is a leading provider of custom web, cloud, mobile, digital, and desktop software development. We ensure you walk away with a well-tested, well-developed product, no matter the size of your project.


Custom software development services

Every solution starts by understanding your unique challenges and goals, which enables us to tailor-make technology to meet your needs – rather than serving up stale scraps of software as big box developers tend to do. At QXD we provide cost effective IT solutions for businesses of all sizes and across every industry. Whether you’re looking to enhance an existing application or to optimize your business with an entirely new tool, we’re here to find the right software fit for you.

Our tools are designed to streamline processes, satisfy customers, and solve problems – all of which drive revenue and help you outpace your competition.

The QXD team is highly experienced in a range of technologies, including PHP, Java, JavaScript (NodeJS, Backbone, AngularJS, iOS, and Android). Our experts can help you to:
– Data base management
– Mobile appcations
– Web development
– Integration and migration services
– Custom design specifications


At QXD you’ll be working with a custom software development firm backed by a proven track record. You’ll team up with both software consultants and developers, which means that we focus on your unique business, resources, and challenges in order to define and create the best possible solution. If that sounds like what you need, please reach out to us today!