services included:


Client: DiversDirect
Industry: watersports



The Challenge

The client needed several changes on the site to improve the user experience and sales volume. The client wanted a change in the look and feel and improvment on performance of the site to have a site that allow customers navigate quickly and easily.

Their requirements included:
– A faster site that will improve the sales conversion.
– New implementation on how to add subscribers in the site.
– A new way to show customers only products with discount filtered by category.
– Remove old store views to use a single site as a sales channel.
– New look and feel of the site to make it more visually attractive and improve navigation.
– Amazon Marketplace Integration.



The Results

A faster site with a intuitive navigation and easy to use for its client and able to be accessed from any device. Additionally we improve the TTFB for the product and category pages when the pages are not cached, also a product catalog being managed into the amazon marketplace.

The main point that we achieved was the system of layers that was used to generate the content of the pages without having to querythe database to obtain the data to be displayed.

The Solution

Based on designs provided by the client, we update the look and feel of the site for both desktop and mobile so that we generate a responsive and easy to navigate site.

We extend the Magento functionality to use custom templates and show only products with special price based on requirements provided by the client.
We use redis to store pages on cache and improve the loading speed of the site.
We update the client’s htaccess and the storeviews to redirect the clients in the browser from old urls to the only existing store view, without causing 404 problems.

We implemented a pop up and others forms that were synchronized with Mailchimp to manage subscribers.
We setup a new infrastructure on AWS and migrate the site to it and split processes and servers to increase the performance and load capacity.
We added a solr service to manage and store the product catalog that will handle the category pages to achieve better load performance.
We implemented a custom process to add and update products into the Amazon Marketplace.