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Client: Global Alliance
Industry: Education

Mission: CRM Software Development

Learn about how we transformed the online learning platform and internal systems for the Graduation Alliance – a novel organization helping students achieve their high school diplomas by offering a web application that provides an innovative combination of technology and human support.

Graduation Alliance

Expanding the Drupal Module and pre-existing CRM platform to accommodate new functionality.

Graduation Alliance provides each student with a lap top as well as access to an individual account within their online learning platform, a powerful web application that provides a support delivery system as well as a specialized curriculum designed for students seeking to finish their high school diploma and prepare themselves for a globalized workforce. Instant student support allows them to connect with a network of teaching professionals, academic coaches, as well as local advocates who can help with real world life struggles.


The Challenge

Already a powerful web application, Graduation Alliance’s CRM software extended to educational institutions across the United States, reaching thousands of students and educators alike. The system provides a secure student dash board, real-time student analytics, build-in intervention, real-time collaboration tools, and progress monitoring visible to both the student as well as the academic support team on the other side of the screen.

Given the diverse functionality and wide reach of Graduation Alliance’s online learning application, additional CRM development along with continued oversight and optimizations were critical components of long-term success. Which is why they contacted the QXD team to provide support for the preexisting CRM software and web application, based on a Drupal core product (an open source content management system).


The Solution

In an effort to ensure that their software evolved at the same rate as their rapidly developing company, the first task would be to extend the functionality of their core product. This expansion included interfacing with existing software systems and extending the functional base that had been built for Graduation Alliance clients.

The process included regular meetings with Graduation Alliance stakeholders in order to better understand the business’s vision for expansion and key performance indicators that would indicate success. These meetings also provided a chance for the QXD team to explain the functionalities being put into play and for us to receive feedback on the work being performed.

For a period of 18 months, the QXD team provided ongoing software support including regular Drupal module maintenance. The feedback process was also extended to the collaborative space in the form of development tasks and changes requests to the platform over the course of our maintenance window.


The Results

The QXD team successfully extended the Drupal module’s functionality by utilizing Graduation Alliance’s existing codebase, version control and development process, so as to leverage as much of the existing services as required.

At the end of our work together, Graduation Alliances was not only outfitted with a superior CRM software for their students and staff, it had the benefit of a software application that would prove itself to be both robust and flexible enough to accommodate future growth. Our software developers were able to successfully integrated with the preexisting design team and processes, which allowed the combined team to improve overall work flow, communication, expectations, and execution of deliverables.