Internet of Things

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The latest frontier in the world of digital development, the internet of things (IoT), is the transformation of everyday objects into powerful tools that can be recognized, read, located, and controlled over the Internet. It’s a brave new world of connectivity in which our ‘smart’ devices not only talk to us, but to talk to each other.

IoT has limitless applications in both consumer and enterprise spaces and already analytics are feeling the disruptive impact this new development is having on businesses in nearly every industry around the world.

Data published by Gartner research organization predicts that there will be 25 billion devices connected to the internet by 2020.

At QXD, we specialize in building next-generation products, solutions, platforms, and IP in emerging technology domains. In the past we have worked hand-in-hand with start-ups in joint IP development, proto-typing, new product introduction and development, as well as product re-engineering. We are an Internet of Things development firm with the technology savvy to turn your idea into reality.


The Process IoT Development

Building Internet of Things apps begins with the thing itself – the hardware, and then moves onto the software and infrastructure that channels communication, organizes, and processes it.

At QXD we build IoT applications on top of a ready-made platform that provides ingestion operations (receiving and organizing streams of data) and analytics operations (data processing and management capabilities an API to allow communication between the platform and applications built on top of it). Building IoT apps on top of such capable platforms allows you to complete development in a fraction of the time it would take to create an IoT platform from scratch.

Because we start with a pre-built backend, we’re able to focus on front end functionality and data performance, optimizing your app for prime market fit and helping you capitalize on the goldmine of data available in each device. Our IoT developers bring your ideas to life, faster and better than any other IoT development firm.

In terms of functionality and applications, the possibilities are endless. Together we can develop and test a wide range of applications, including:

– Automotive, transportation and logistics
– Smart energy and security
– Industrial automation and enterprise
– Consumer and other M2M
– Digital home


IoT Development Company

IoT software development at QXD is designed to deliver the best possible products while at the same time slimming down production time and cost of development as much as possible. Our multi-disciplined team of software engineers work tireless to deliver unbeatable end-user benefits and decrease time to market so that you can maximize your revenue potential.

Want to learn more about how our Internet of things development firm can help bring your project to life? Feel free to describe your IoT challenge to us by submitting a request via our contact form or email us directly.