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Client: Magnusmode

Mission: To engage companies and brands to make their products, services and customer experiences more accessible, by acting as the bridge between companies and customers who require extra assistance.


Magnusmode is working with A&W to create a stress-free, confidence-building dining experience for people with cognitive special needs. MagnusCards support people through ordering a meal, getting condiments and cleaning up after a meal, to facilitate an easier dining experience.


The Challenge

The development team that was working with the client previous to us did not meet the client’s expectations, so the cost and deliverables of the project did not fit the client’s needs. The client needed to release the app for a specific date and needed a development team that fit his budget. The client had an app that was being migrated from one technology to another by the previous development team, so in addition to adding new functionality, it was necessary to migrate the data of the database platform and model clients.

The project consisted of an administration panel from which the charts could be maintained (create, edit and eliminate letters, create, edit and eliminate decks) in the app as well as the users. Additionally, the content of the letters should be stored in different languages and the text should be able to be transformed into sound. The app allows customers to access the content created from the administration panel (letters and decks) visually and aurally.



The Results

After changes to the application now has three possible languages (English, French and Spanish), this allows multiple translations for a single deck of cards. The API allows to provide the appropriate information depending on the language requested by the user.

Modifications were made to the models to handle different types of letters (Community, Public, Private and Sponsor), and a new functionality was added that allows the administrator to approve or disapprove the decks.

The application has the same data from the previous system, however the assets are now stored in a place independent of the server.

The Solution

– A series of scripts was created in Ruby using ActiveRecord (Active Record is the M in MVC, to be able to migrate and adapt the data of the previous application to the new application.

-We used the service of AWS Comprehend (Amazon Comprehend is a natural language processing (NLP) service that uses machine learning to find insights and relationships in text ) for the purpose of obtaining the language of the titles of the decks and description of the letters of the previous application.

– An API based on the Ruby / Rails framework was implemented. Information about cards, decks and users can be easily managed through the administration panel.

– The API serves the mobile application with the necessary information. This manages the authentication of users and the management of categories, decks and letters.

-We used the AWS Polly service (Amazon Polly is a service that turns text into lifelike speech), to get the description of the letters in the form of audio.

– The AWS S3 service was used to store the assets of the application, images and audios of the decks.