Client: Merge

Mission: make medical care less stressful for the patient by optimizing workflows for the communication of doctors and clinics, pharmacies and clinical laboratories with the end user in a controlled, direct, and portable fashion for everyone involved.


MergeRX is a technology startup comprised of professionals in the software engineering, loT, machine learning and health services fields. We focus on the development of solutions for the health sector, bringing together over 20 years of experience to provide technological innovations for institutional communication, patient care and electronic medical record handling.


The Challenge

Designing and developing an ERP, integrated with Electronic Invoicing and with all the basic functionalities of EMRs (Electronic Medical Records).


The Results

The result was a modular ERP, that could suit not only medical practitioners but every other professional sector by handling this modules. The platform is integrated with Costa Rica’s Treasury, meeting the Resolution DGT-R-48-2016 that refers to Electronic invoicing.



The Solution

We worked on a proposal that allowed the integration of different services and was scalable over time to support as many customers as needed, for this reason AWS services were used to store everything in the cloud.

Based on the tax needs of Costa Rica, the team made an integration with the API of the Ministry of Finance of Costa Rica, so that customers could send their bills as part of the service to serve their customers.

The functionality of the ERP was developed using an API created in cakephp to facilitate the integration with external services and improve the performance of the application. This API is used with a frontend application based on backbone js, where the QXD team was in charge of designing an interface that was intu-
itive and easy to use for its clients. For the reception of payments and creation of accounts by the clients, Magento 2 was used to ensure the quality and security of payment processing through an e-commerce platform that was likewise integrated with the API to allow access only to users with payments per day.

The use of cloud services was necessary to allow secure storage of documents issued by the treasury and the content stored by customers, all without risking a disk storage problem.

Finally, to guarantee access to large amounts of data, the Elastic Search service was used so that data such as the electoral roll of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal could be accessed and filtered in a number of seconds.