services included:


Client: Pygmaleon
Year: 2017



The Challenge

Pygmaleon had a sales platform that did not suit their real needs, did not have the desired structure sales or purchases correct process (checkout). In addition, a way to manage a network of agents was needed in such a way that agents could invite other agents or clients and earn commissions (pygas).


The Results

The result was successful, they were able to implement all the technologies established at the beginning, so that the process was adapted to all the different possible variables. The most attractive thing about the implemented solution was the way in which all the APIs were adapted so that they worked together dynamically depending on all the different factors during the checkout process.

The Solution

Use different APIs for the entire checkout process:
Geocentral TransExpress / pygmaleon agency: management of countries, states / provinces and cities of Latin American countries, allowing the operation of other APIs.
Rate: obtain different payment rates for customers according to a set of variables related to the purchase of the product.
TransExpress / Pygmaleon agency registration: creation of a locker in transexpress in order to control the package.
Create a Shipment (alert): from Endicia, which allows you to create alerts to track packages within the USPS.
PYGAS: Modification of the driver that sends the invitations.
A single link is generated per agent, which leads to a different registration form depending on whether a client or a new agent is registered.
Creation of a controller that manages the registration of new pygas, adding them to the network and creating the corresponding relationship to generate the commissions.
Creation of personalized mail.
Mailings that notify agents who have purchases to approve.
Creation of page where the agents can approve the orders of their clients.
SMTP configuration for specific use of the
PYGAS module.
API integration: TransExpress / Pygmaleon agency registration in the registration form of a PYGA.
TransExpress / Pygmaleon agency registration in the form to create or modify the client’s addresses.