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Client: Prótesis Avanzadas: Providing Cutting Edge Prosthetic Devices for Central and South American Amputees
Industry: Medical/ Healthcare

Mission: Medical ERP Development

Learn about how we took a multi-national brand’s paper-based record keeping and replaced it with a web-based Medical ERP software system capable of managing clinical collaboration, knowledge sharing, patient records, and accounting.

Prótesis Avanzadas: Medical ERP

Creating a Medical ERP System to be as agile and reliable as the prosthetics devices built by this remarkable company.

Prótesis Avanzadas (PA) builds custom orthotics and prosthetics devices for amputees throughout Central and South America, and offers accessible prices that are approximately one third the cost of comparable services in the United States. While PA is dedicated to supporting amputees in overcoming serious mobility challenges, the company itself faced some significant operational challenges that threatened to stunt its growth and impede patient care.


The Challenge

Prótesis Avanzadas is a dynamic organization with clinics located across two continents and three countries – the United States, Costa Rica, and Ecuador. The nature of their business demands reliable and efficient systems that equip practitioners, nurses, administrative staff with the most up-to-date information and patient records. The company was in need of a significant software upgrade, one that would support its daily enterprise resource planning (ERP) and pave the way for future expansion.

Given PA’s unique positioning in the marketplace, it was quickly determined that a successful software solution would need to:
– Be multilingual
– Incorporate multiple clinic locations
– Support a complex patient chart system (including follow-up visits, tracking patient work status, and billing)


The Solution

Following several discovery meetings with the PA team, we were able to develop an outline of the design and specifications that would illustrate our proposed medical ERP software application. After initial approval of the design and functionality, the application was implemented as a PHP Framework-based project, whose codebase manages the intelligence behind the business’s day-to-day operations.

The new ERP system was carefully designed to improve numerous aspects of international operations as well as quality of care services. The goal was to promote significant improvements in the areas of human resources and capacity, patient care and medical history, external venders and inventory tracking, as well as finance and billables.


The Results

With the application of a custom-made medical ERP software application, what was once a multinational office weighed down by the inefficiencies of paper filings and hand-written records, soon became a modernized institution with all the agility, reliability, and security of a first class organization. A digital, integrated workflow became the new standard.

Now, everyday operations are instantly synced into one internal system; something as simple as a multi-specialist patient visit can be made visible on the practitioner’s mobile device and computer, allowing them to securely share information with colleagues and administrative staff. Patient history is a meticulous compilation of each office visit and the composite of medical notes and test results is at the foundation of quality patient care and responsible practice.

Since the installation of the new Healthcare ERP software application, Prótesis Avanzadas has experienced massive expansion and now includes multiple clinic locations in Costa Rica, the USA, and Ecuador.